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New Inmate Mail Instructions

Please read carefully as the current procedure for incarcerated persons mail has changed.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office will be transitioning to a new incarcerated person mail policy and will begin using SECURUS Digital Mail Center for processing correspondence sent through the U.S. Mail. General mail will no longer be sent directly to the Sacramento County Main Jail and/or Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center.


All U.S. Mail for incarcerated persons housed at the Sacramento County Main Jail or Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center shall be addressed as follows:

Incarcerated person name and x-reference #
C/O Securus Digital Mail Center-Sacramento Main
P.O. Box 20888
Tampa FL 33622

All portions of incoming mail sent to the digital mail processing center will be sorted, scanned in full color, and uploaded to the eMessaging application which is accessible on each incarcerated person’s tablet.

All mail will be uploaded within 48 hours of receipt by the Digital Mail Center, excluding weekends and holidays.

Digital mail is still subject to inspection by jail staff, which may delay delivery times. During the inspection, any material that violates facility rules, by nature or content, will cause rejection of the entire letter and all photos. The incarcerated person will be notified of the reason for rejection.

All physical mail will be held by the Digital Mail Center for 30 days and then destroyed, unless the sender includes a self-addressed and stamped envelope for the mail to be returned.

Incarcerated persons on disciplinary status will continue receiving their mail through the digital mail system. If an incarcerated person is on discipline for violating correspondence regulations, they may have their mail privileges suspended for up to 72 hours.

Incarcerated persons who do not have an assigned tablet will still have all mail processed through the digital mail system. The mail will be printed and delivered by custody staff. Digital copies of mail will remain available in the system should access to a tablet be restored.

Upon release or transfer from Sacramento County Sheriff’s custody, incarcerated persons wishing to access their digital mail account must log into the SECURUS Digital Mail Center ( and download their digital mail within 60 days of release or transfer. Any mail remaining on the account after 60 days will be permanently deleted. To retrieve their mail, released incarcerated persons will need their x-reference number, along with the password they created when setting up the Digital Mail Center through the tablet while in custody.

The current process for outgoing mail from the facilities will not change.

If a letter is lost, senders are encouraged to contact the United States Postal Service. For issues with the Digital Mail Center, please contact Incarcerated persons may utilize the normal grievance process to appeal any mail that is held or rejected.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has strict mail procedures for the safety and security of the facility, staff, and incarcerated persons. All incarcerated persons are advised of these regulations and guidelines through the facility handbook, which is available in print or electronically on incarcerated persons’ tablets. Incarcerated persons are directed to notify anyone who might send mail of these procedures. Additionally, many items are prohibited from entering the facility and any item which compromises facility security can be rejected. The following is a sample of prohibited items:

1. Descriptions and images of drugs and paraphernalia (including marijuana).

2. Descriptions, images, and language about weapons, gangs, violence, or criminal activity.

3. Photos that are sexually explicit or contain nudity.

4. Photos containing any hand signs.

5. Descriptions or images of money.

Incarcerated persons in possession of prohibited items are subject to prosecution and a disciplinary write-up for facility rule violations. This may result in a suspension of mail privileges for up to 72 hours (PC 4573.5).

Anyone sending prohibited items to incarcerated persons through the mail may be subject to criminal prosecution (PC 4573.5 & PC 4573.9).


Legal/Confidential mail will still be sent to the incarcerated person's housing location. Any of these items sent to the Digital Mail Center will be rejected and returned to the sender.

Legal/Confidential correspondences are subject to inspection for contraband. All inspections will occur in the presence of the incarcerated person. Staff will not read legal/confidential correspondence. All legal mail shall be clearly marked “LEGAL MAIL” or “CONFIDENTIAL MAIL”.

All legal/confidential correspondence must have a be addressed as outined below:


Your Full Name
1234 Your Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


Incarcerated person's name, X-reference number, housing location
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


Incarcerated person's name, X-reference number, housing location
Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
12500 Bruceville Road
Elk Grove, CA 95757


Books and magazines shall be sent from the publishing company directly to the incarcerated person at their respective housing location. Any such items delivered that present a safety or security concern will be rejected and returned to the sender.

• Only paperback books will be accepted.

• All books must be smaller than 8” x 11”.

• Publications with ordinary staples are acceptable. However, the staples may be removed.

• Incarcerated persons are not allowed to possess more than five (5) books at any given time.

• Any material that appears to be obscene or tends to incite murder, arson, riot, racism or otherwise compromises the security of the facility will not be accepted.

If material sent from a publisher is rejected, the sender may appeal the decision to the Jail Commander. The appeal must be in writing and should include the reason(s) for disagreeing with the mail rejection and any other pertinent information, and must be submitted within 15 days of the rejected delivery date. The Jail Commander, or designee, will provide the sender with a written decision within ten (10) days of the receipt of the request for review.


Money orders for incarcerated persons at both facilities shall be sent directly to the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center at the below address. Please clearly write the incarcerated person’s full name and x-reference number on the money order. All envelopes must be addressed with the sender's name and address.


Your Full Name
1234 Your Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
Attn: IWF Office
12500 Bruceville Rd
Elk Grove, CA 95757

Only deposits will be accepted at this address. Any other items will be returned to sender. Money orders will be deposited to the incarcerated person’s trust account within 24 hours of receipt. For questions, please email the IWF Trust Office staff at:

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