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Centralized Investigations

The Centralized Investigations Division provides detective services in the crime categories described below. Detectives are assigned cases to investigate after a Deputy Sheriff or a citizen volunteer in a Service Center has taken the victim's report and forwarded it for investigation. In the event you need to contact a detective about a specific incident, please reference your report number.

Investigative Bureaus

Child Abuse Bureau


Suspected Child Abuse Report for Mandated Reporters
The Child Abuse Bureau is assigned to investigate crimes against children under the age of 18. A child abuse case may involve infant death, physical abuse, child molestation, neglect, child annoyance (647.6 PC) and indecent exposure (314 PC) cases.
Investigations focus on physical and sexual abuse involving children under the age of 14. Reports of abuse come from patrol deputies and mandated reporters, including teachers, medical professionals, and day care providers. This team works directly with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Sexual Assault and Child Abuse unit. Collaborative resources for this team include County Child Protective Services, the Special Assault Forensic Evaluation (SAFE) Center, Daycare Licensing, and medical child abuse experts at all of the local medical facilities.

Cold Case Investigations Unit


Established in 2004, the Cold Case Investigations Unit re-evaluates cases of previously unsolved sexual assaults and homicides committed within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office. The emergence of new technologies allows the possibilities of bringing closure to formerly unsolved cases in which tips may have been previously exhausted and suspects have not been arrested. The Cold Case Investigations Unit welcomes tips from the public to assist in these investigations.

Crimes Against Persons Bureau


The Crimes Against Persons Bureau investigates misdemeanor and felony assaults, including domestic violence, assaults with firearms, stalking, aggravated assault, restraining order violations, and annoying and harassing communication. In 2018, Sheriff’s detectives and City of Sacramento Police began providing liaison officers to the Family Justice Center to take a more proactive approach and to improve outcomes for domestic violence-related incidents. Changes include streamlining domestic violence reporting which allows deputies to write arrest warrants at the time of the initial crime report. This new practice provides the District Attorney’s Office with immediate access to multiple reports for a single offender, which can strengthen the prosecution of domestic violence court case.
Victims of Crime Resource Center VICTIM RESOURCES

Gang Suppression Unit


The Sacramento Regional Gang Suppression Unit works to reduce violent street gangs and juvenile gang violence within Sacramento County and surrounding communities. Our primary goals are to reduce the community fear and gang related crime, reduce the number of juveniles involved in gangs, identify and target gang-related individuals, and assist with gang-related investigations for prosecution.

Homicide Bureau


The Homicide Bureau investigates homicides, suspicious deaths, kidnappings, officer involved shootings, missing persons reports, and cold case homicides throughout the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County and the City of Rancho Cordova.

Major Crimes Bureau


The Major Crimes Bureau prioritizes, investigates and apprehends people based on probable cause and arrest warrants. Detectives write search warrants, prepare reports, collect evidence, and aid other divisions and allied agencies with the location and apprehension of known and dangerous felons. This team initiates extradition to and from the state of California for Sacramento County Sheriff investigations. It is also responsible for recapturing escapees from local detention facilities.

Missing Persons Unit


The Missing Persons Unit is a team of detectives, civilian employees, and volunteers who are responsible for investigating all persons reported missing in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County. The Missing Persons Unit works seamlessly with federal, state, and local agencies as well as other non-governmental national and local organizations to resolve missing person cases. The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to reuniting missing community members with their family members, friends, and loved ones.

Property Crimes Bureau


The Property Crimes Bureau investigates residential and commercial burglaries, as well as grand theft, embezzlement, and vandalism. Bureau members also participate in the Animal Cruelty Task Force in partnership with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. Detectives collect and review video surveillance for evidence using various techniques and tools.

What to do if you are a victim of burglary or theft

  1. Report the incident as quickly as possible. Reports can be made via the Sheriff’s Online Reporting System, in person or over the telephone with your area Sheriff’s Community Service Center, or by contacting the Sheriff’s Communications / Dispatch Center and requesting an officer respond to your location.
  2. Provide a detailed description of the items taken including any unique markings, serial numbers, or other unique features that will help identify the item if located.
  3. Report any new information to the Property Crimes Bureau such as: new suspect description or locating your stolen property online or at a secondhand dealer.

Best ways to deter theft and/or recover stolen items:

Be vigilant. Report any suspicious activity.

Don’t leave anything of value unsecured or unattended.

Remove anything of value from your unattended vehicle or at least remove it from being visible.

Keep windows and doors locked when away.

Photograph significant or unique items such jewelry and document serial numbers on other items.

Install an alarm or video surveillance system. Installing a camera at eye level gives the clearest image of a suspect’s face. If you have a surveillance system, learn how to download and save your video to a CD or flash drive.

Robbery Bureau


The Robbery Bureau investigates robberies of people, businesses, home invasions, carjacking, and extortion. In most investigations, the suspect wears a mask and gloves to conceal their identity. Robbery detectives use video surveillance and physical evidence, such as fingerprints and DNA to help identify the suspects. Intelligence-Led Policing and collaboration with crime analysts, patrol divisions, and outside agencies help identify trends and robbery series.

Sex Assault / Elder Abuse Bureau


The Sexual and Elder Abuse Bureau investigates reports of sexual assault and allegations of abuse, neglect and wrongful death of an elder (65 and older) or dependent adults. The Sexual and Elder Abuse Bureau uses a multi-disciplinary model with partnerships in law enforcement, forensic medical practitioners, Adult Protective Services, and the District Attorney’s Office. This collaborative approach promotes effective outcomes for the victims, the criminal justice system, and the community we serve.
The primary duty and responsibility of the Sexual Assault Detective is to investigate all sexual assault crimes involving victims age fourteen (14) and older.
Patrol officers and SEAB detectives, are the first responders as part of a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), a multi-disciplinary team that combines law enforcement (Sacramento County Sheriff's Office), prosecution (Sacramento County District Attorney), medical response (Bridging Evidence Assessment & Resources), and support (Women Escaping A Violent Environment or WEAVE).

Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) Team

Sex Offender Registration Office
700 North Fifth Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Registration hours
7:00am - 12:00pm & 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)

Senate Bill 384 FAQs: California Tiered Sex Offender Registration

Senate Bill 384 petitions will be accepted at
700 North 5th Street, Sacramento CA 95814
The Sacramento Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team (SAFE) is a multi-jurisdictional task force initially created with grant funding from the California State Office of Emergency Services. The SAFE Task Force is comprised of members from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, City of Sacramento Police Department, City of Elk Grove Police Department, Sacramento County Probation Department, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Sacramento County Regional Parks, and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.
SAFE Detectives are skilled and experienced investigators who supervise, monitor, and arrest registered sex offenders who are out of compliance with their statutory requirements or who are in violation of their probation or parole status. SAFE Team Detectives initiate criminal investigations and conduct proactive surveillance operations to prevent sexual assaults and re-offenses by sex offenders.

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