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Click the link below to access Concealed Weapon Permit applications. This link can be used to apply for a new permit, renew an existing permit or modify an existing permit:

PERMIT INFO PC 26165 Compliance Letter

This online application process is provided by a third-party vendor and greatly increases the efficiency and timeline of the permit process.

Overview of training requirements required to obtain or renew a CCW Permit in Sacramento County:

New CCW Permits

16-hour training course which includes instruction on firearm safety and the law regarding the permissible use of a firearm, 1-hour mental health component, and a written test. You must qualify with each firearm you want listed on your CCW Permit (maximum 3 firearms).

CCW Permit Renewals (every 2 years)

Prior to renewal, complete a 8-hour legal firearms update refresher course. Qualify with each firearm you want listed on your CCW Permit.

Range Training and Qualifications

You must qualify biennially (every two years) or upon renewal of your permit with the firearms listed on your permit. If you want to add or remove firearms from your permit, a qualification is required on each firearm you want listed on the permit.

Range training and qualification courses must be completed by an instructor certified by the California Department of Justice.

Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor Information

Firearms Instructors MUST be DOJ Certified Instructors and include their certification number on their Training/Qualification Certificates. The instructor must be a DOJ Certified Instructor in order to teach CCW classes for Sacramento County.

Carry Concealed Handgun Training and Qualification Form

All training must be completed in the presence of a DOJ certified instructor. Self-study programs are not accepted, nor count toward the hourly training requirement.

Forbidden Calibers on Sacramento County CCW Permit

The following weapon calibers will not be allowed on a Sacramento County CCW permit.

5.56 or .223

7.62 or .308

7.62x39 or the AK cartridge

5.7 x 28mm

30 carbine

Rifle caliber weapons (AR-Pistol, AK-Pistol, etc.)


1. I have a prior arrest or conviction, is it still possible to get a CCW?
2. What is the status of my New/Renewal/Modification/Duplicate Application? Why does it still show “pending”? I submitted my application on “X” date – when will it be processed?
You can check the status of your application at any time. Using the Permitium website, click on ‘Order Tracker’ at the top of the page. In the drop-down box type in your order number and you will be able to access your CCW file. Note: Status updates are not provided by CCW Staff by email, telephone or walk-in visits.
3. Where is my appointment for a New Application Interview?
All CCW business is conducted at 2101 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA (located near the intersection of Howe Avenue and Hurley Way).
4. Can you confirm my appointment date/time?
See #2 – Access your CCW file via the Order Tracker to verify the date/time of your appointment.
5. Is there a grace period after my permit expires that allows me to still carry my CCW permit after it expires?
There has NEVER been a grace period that allowed permit holders to continue to carry their CCW after their permit expired. We recommend you submit your online Renewal Application 30-45 days prior to your permit’s expiration date and scan/upload your training, qualification, and instructor documents simultaneously or soon thereafter.
We understand that some permit holders’ permits may expire before we are able to process their Renewal Permit and we deeply apologize for this. Staff is working very hard to minimize the impact on our valued Permit Holders. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience while we work to decrease the overwhelming demand for renewal permits. We cannot provide an estimate as to when your permit will be processed.
6. If my permit expires before I renew, is there a grace period that allows me to submit my Renewal Application?
There is a 60-day grace period. If you fail to submit your Renewal Application after the 60-day grace period, you will have to start the process over as a New Applicant.
7. What is this charge on my credit card from Permitium LLC? My credit card was rejected, what do I do? I submitted two applications; how do I cancel one and get a refund?
Please contact Permitium to resolve this issue by calling (855) 642-2453 or emailing
8. I am having trouble scanning and uploading documents.
Please do not bring documents to our office, unless specifically requested by our staff. Due to the complexity and variety of computers, mobile devices and document scanners, Sheriff’s Office CCW staff are unable to assist you in uploading your documents. You are urged to consult the owner’s manual for your particular device to learn the steps necessary to scan and upload documents to the website. If you do not possess the necessary equipment (ie. computer and scanner, tablet computer, mobile telephone, all-in-one printer/scanner) many office supply stores have computer workstations and personnel to assist you with uploading your documents to the website.
Once you have successfully scanned the documents and saved them to your device, access your CCW file and scroll to the bottom and click on ADD DOCUMENTS. Choose the document you want to scan and name it appropriately (i.e., CCW 8-hour class form; SMUD bill; etc.).
9. Should I scan documents individually?
Yes, please scan each document as a single file. This will speed up the process for our staff who must compare documents to your application and other resources. Scanning all documents as one file will slow up and delay the processing your application.
10. I made a mistake on my application. How do I fix it?
Once you save your application it is protected and cannot be updated or modified. Think of it as a document written in ink. Please make sure numbers and names are typed correctly. If you do submit the form with an error, you may place your corrections on a separate piece of paper and then scan/upload the document to your CCW file.
11. I did not get confirmation when I scanned/uploaded my documents? Did you receive them and are they acceptable?
A green box containing a checkmark and the message “Successfully Uploaded” will appear when your document is accepted by the system. Confirmations are not currently being provided by CCW staff. CCW Staff will review your application to verify all required documents have been submitted; if not you will receive notification about missing or incomplete documents.
12. How many guns can I list on my CCW permit?
There is a maximum of three handguns allowed on a CCW permit. Effective January 1, 2024, you may only legally carry two firearms at one time.
13. I moved and submitted my Modification application online but you have not yet processed my renewal application. Can I still carry my CCW as long as I have not moved out-of-county?
As long as you have submitted your online Modification application, submitted proof of your new residency online, and have changed your HOME address (and NOT your vehicle registration) with the California DMV, then you have complied with our requirements and you can continue to carry your CCW until we are able to process your application. If you have moved out of Sacramento County, then you must send us an email ( to let us know your new address. Your CCW permit will remain valid for 90 days and you will have to apply in your new County of residence for a CCW permit.
14. CCW Renewals: How do I make an appointment to come and pick up my CCW?
Renewal applications do not require an appointment. Your application will be processed in the order we received it. When we complete your application review you will be sent an email advising you when (days and times) you can come by the Office to pick up your renewal permit.

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